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Zinc plated Grade 100 load chain.

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NXTGEN Hand Chain Hoist


NXTGEN Chain Blocks feature superior quality at an affordable price.

Available in capacities ranging from 500kg to 30 tonne in standard lifting heights of 3 and 6m.

Optional lifting heights available on request.

  • Compact design, small body, low headroom.
  • High precision CNC Gears.
  • Impact resistant gear cover.
  • Double pawl brake system.
  • Dust cover on brake system.
  • Zinc plated fixings, side plates and guides.
  • High precision gears with 4 caged bearings.
  • Engineering optimized hand chain grooves and cover, allows smooth operation pulling on various angles.
  • High precision CNC load Chain Guides.
  • Overload protection.
  • Fused weather protected ratchet-brake disc.
  • Zinc plated Grade 100 load chain.
  • Heavy duty cast hook safety latches.
  • Dacromet coated parts.
  • Thrust bearing in bottom hook.
  • Stainless steel ID Plate.
  • Manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS1418.2.


5 Year Warranty

The NXTGEN product range is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Reduced Effort

High performance gear system allows minimum manual pull when lifting loads.

Secures Loads

Safe, reliable, double pawl, fused brake activates instantly and holds the load securely.

Increased Safety

When activated, factory-set overload protection will not let allow the chain block to operate if overloaded.

Double Casing

Impact resistant brake & gear covers provide durability whilst also protecting against dust and rainwater from entering internal mechanisms.

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