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NXTGEN Lever Hoist


NXTGEN Lever Hoists feature advanced safety features, suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

Available in capacities ranging from 800kg to 9 tonne in standard lifting heights of 1.5 metres.

Optional lifting heights available on request.

  • Compact design, small body, low headroom.
  • Short lever handle, light operation force.
  • Zero pre-load required.
  • High precision CNC Gears.
  • Impact resistant gear cover.
  • Zinc plated fixings and guides.
  • Zinc plated Grade 100 load chain.
  • Heavy duty cast hook safety latches.
  • Thrust bearing in bottom hook.
  • Stainless steel ID Plate.
  • Double pawl brake system.
  • Fused brake.
  • Heady duty end stop.
  • High precision caged roller bearings support the load sprocket.
  • Dacromet coated parts.
  • Overload protection with fused friction discs.
  • Recessed latch for better closure and longevity of hook.
  • Manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS1418.2.


5 Year Warranty

The NXTGEN product range is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Reduced Effort

Needle & ball roller bearings allows minimum effort when lifting loads.

Reliable Brake

Safe, reliable, double pawl brake activates instantly and holds the load securely.

Increased Safety

When activated, factory-set overload protection will not allow the lever hoist to operate if overloaded.

Solid Construction

Solid alloy steel frame construction, with a compact, low headroom design.

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