Automatic Stop Switch to avoid over-winding

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Compact and lightweight design for easy mounting.

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Double safety brake device for instant braking.

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Titan Electric Builder's Hoist

The Electric Builder’s Hoist is designed for building sites and various construction workplaces such as warehousing, buildings, storage areas, elevator liftwell maintenance, factories in general, as well as domestic applications.


  • Capacity: 160kg to 300kg
  • Compact and lightweight design which allows easy mounting
  • Automatic stop switch to avoid over-winding of the rope
  • A reverse-winding limit lever
  • Double safety brake device including an electromagnet brake for instant braking
  • Operates on single phase 240 volt power supply
  • 360° universal joint saddle with safety hook
  • Hand held control pendant with safety switch
  • Optional mounting arm bracket
  • Spare parts available

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Proof Tested to 1.5 x W.L.L.

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Mounting Arm Bracket

Part No. TBH 230 AMAB
Designed to suit standard scaffold tube (50m diameter)
dimensions shown in mm


Optional Accessory

Mounting Arm bracket

mounting arm bracket accessory for builders hoist

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